Baby it’s cold outside!

In these chilly winter months is there anything better than snuggling up on a comfy chair with a hot cup of tea and the latest edition of one of your favourite magazines? What a perfect way to pass a cold winter’s afternoon!

Mr Lovely and I recently purchased our first home and after many years of renting, it’s proving great fun to impart our own style on our new abode (a 1930s inter-war cottage). One of our first jobs was to choose some fabulous, yet functional accent chairs to compliment our neutral three-seater couch and really finish off our loungeroom.

Picking the chair itself was not so difficult. We knew we wanted something comfortable, but it needed to have a modern feel with nice clean lines. We decided upon the Renzo chair by Sofas International. Choosing a covering, however, was a different matter altogether… After sifting through what felt like hundreds of fabrics, we finally stumbled upon a gorgeous Warwick fabric called Matisse (colour: Sangria).

It was exactly what I was looking for – its abstract/swirly floral print really made a statement and provided the perfect juxtaposition against the period features  of our room. The strokes of vibrant pinks and yellows were striking and the neutral beige in the pattern matched our existing couch perfectly.

I must admit, when delivery day arrived I was nervous. This was one of our first special furniture purchases…and I’d chosen the fabric from what now seemed like a tiny swatch! Mr Lovely took pleasure in reminding me that it was my choice, should it turn out to be a disaster.

But thankfully it was a big success and we now have a stylish, yet cosy spot to curl up and escape the colder months. Now, time to go make that cup of tea!

Have you created your own cosy corner at home? If so, The Lovely Co would love to hear about it.

Have a lovely day.

Lauren x.


3 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside!

  1. Really cute site Lauren and so well written! Lovely arm chair too, and hope you had a chance to enjoy that cup of tea! xox

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