Are you a Betty or a Joan?

It was love at first sight when the lovely  co. stumbled across The Fashion File by Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant in our local bookstore. What a find! Full of gorgeous sketches and imagery where Bryant discusses the inspiration behind the clothes for characters such as Joan Harris and Betty Draper – it was hard to put down. You can find a copy at any good bookstore, or purchase online as we did.

It’s funny that years ago when Sex and the City first graced our screens, women across the globe had conversations over Cosmos  with their girlfriends about whether they were a Carrie, a Charlotte, a Miranda or a Samantha…it seems the female characters of Mad Men have now taken up that mantle. Are you a Betty or a Joan?

Whose style do you like best – the curvy Joan in her sex bomb body-hugging dresses and pencil skirts in rich jewel tones? Or Betty’s more demure, ladylike cupcake dresses in pretty pastels? At the lovely co. we think both are divine in their own special ways, but if we had to pick we’d say we had the body of a Joan, but love love love Betty’s style. Perhaps this is the best of both worlds then.

Here’s some Mad Men inspiration for you. We’d love to know whose style you’re channeling.

The Fashion File, By Janie Bryant

Joan Harris

Betty Draper


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