Let’s fold scarves!

We’re sure you’ll agree that this wild and woolly weather screams out for winter’s most stylish (and necessary) accessory – the scarf! Just be sure to do it up nice and snug, in case it gets caught in a flurry and flies away.

the lovely co. recently purchased a bright and sunny yellow scarf, which is not only doing an excellent job at neck warming but is also giving winter outfits a new lease on life (grey clothes always seem like a chic choice at the beginning of winter, but end up feeling drab and boring come July). It feels nice to wear something so colourful, even though spring is sometime off yet.

There are lots of choices when it comes to picking the perfect scarf – chunky knit, snood, block colour, ethnic print or even floral. Some of our favourites are from stores such as Country Road, Saba, Sussan and Witchery, but don’t forget that local markets can also be  great place to find something really unique.

Here are some scarves that we think are just lovely. Let us know which one you like, or send us a picture of a scarf you love.

By the way, can anyone guess which late 90s feel good movie we’ve quoted in the title of this post? It’s a very silly flick, but oh so fun!

Have a lovely day. x.

Portmans - Animal print

Sussan - Linen brights

Witchery - Block colour

Saba - Warm and woolly


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