All wrapped up in…pretty paper.

Despite happily embracing a digital lifestyle (hello, we’re writing this blog), here at the lovely co. we are self-confessed paper geeks.

The have been numerous times when poor (ever patient) Mr Lovely has been dragged into some paper shop or another for a ‘browse’. Confused? No, we’re not talking about last week’s Sun Herald. It’s beautiful, creative and luxury papers that we’re on about. The kind that look and feel so pretty you just want to buy now and think later about what on earth you are going to do with them – more on that later.

One of our favourite paper emporiums is Pulp Creative Paper ( on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. If you’re planning any sort of party and need invites or have gifts to wrap then you really need to pay these gals a visit. We must warn you it’s very much a time vortex in there and you may find you spend a lot more time sifting through their beautiful wares than you had planned to. A real treasure trove.

Any recent brides out there might also be familiar with Cristina Re and her super stylish wedding invitations. Have you looked at her website? Yes, she does produce some stunning wedding invites, but we were surprised how much more the Melbourne-based designer has to offer – all sorts of paper, accoutrements, books and software for creating your own invites. For those lucky readers living in Melbourne, she also runs workshops and high tea afternoons. What a fabulous idea for a catch-up with creatively minded girlfriends.

So, we hear you asking, what does one do with all this pretty paper? the lovely co. was recently invited to attend the baptism of a little lovely and we wanted to create a unique pressie…something a bit different to the usual piggy bank or silver rattle. We purchased Cristina Re’s Eco Luxury Linen Paper in ‘Circle of Friends’ (a super cute and girly print and very appropriate for our little recipient) and placed this inside a stylish white frame. It turned out to be quite the unique artwork. Have a look below and let us know what you think.

Have a lovely day. x.

We love Cristina Re's Melbourne store

Using Cristina Re stationery to create a stylish present

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