Viva la France!

Everything sounds better in French. No really, it does. Say for instance if we were to say to Mr Lovely, “Husband, can you please take out the bins?”…well this could easily be misconstrued as nagging really couldn’t it? How about in French, “Mari, peut vous sortir les poubelles?” Voila! We’re not sure he’d know what that means, but it sounds a whole lot more sexy.

With that in mind the lovely co. suggests you all channel you inner Francophile this Thursday to celebrate Bastille Day, the French national day and a symbol of the modern uprising of the common man (or something like that).

Here are a few of our French favourites to help you get prepared…

Macaroonsthe lovely co.  first tried these delectable sweet treats on a trip to Paris in 2009. Admittedly we were late bloomers when it came to macaroons, but the fact that our introduction to them was at the iconic Laduree definitely made it worth the wait. You really should take a little look at the Laduree website ( It’s the epitome of lovely. For delicious macaroons in Sydney try Adriano Zumbo’s creations (

Chic French Jewellery – One day a few months back, Facebook was bombarding us with ads for products and services they thought we might be interested in. Normally, these are swiftly ignored…however on this particular day we were drawn to an ad for Sugared Accessories ( which stocks cult American and European jewellery brands at affordable prices. Take a look at the tres chic designs by La Vie Parisienne (plus see picture below of adorable Eiffel Tower earrings).

Cheese – With more than 400 national cheeses (yes that’s right, 400!), we figure the French must know what they are doing when it comes to fromage. the lovely co.  wishes it didn’t enjoy cheese as much as it does (a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips and all that), but we feel we owe it to France this Bastille Day to nibble on some French cheese. When we think of cheese in Sydney, two places come to mind – Jones the Grocer in Woollahra ( and The Cheese Shop on Military Road in Mosman. Maybe you can tell us about other great places to buy cheese in your home town?

Avoir une belle journée. x.

La Vie Parisenne earrings at

Laduree Macarons - which flavour will you choose?


2 thoughts on “Viva la France!

  1. Loving The Lovely! Last year, I had a girly gothic lovely day in London with Ariane’s friend Dora. I bought her and me maccarons in the Laduree Harrods, and then gelato, and went to the Grace Kelly clothes exhibition at The V&A. Welcome to the Marie Antoinette Society! A kiss on both cheeks, from the president. Osa

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