There’s something about Flo.

the lovely co. remembers as a child helping our Nan remove the wallpaper that was stuck stubbornly to the walls of her spare room. It was a 1970s style paper – not 70s ‘cool’, just 70s ‘ugly’. You know the type we’re talking about. Sorry Nan, but we’re pretty sure you’re not reading this blog.

Our lovely sister was there too and there were many arguments about whose turn it was to ‘have a go at’ the clunky wallpaper remover steaming machine. Needless to say that the job probably could have been done in half the time without all the squabbling.

Even though this childhood memory must be at least 25 years old, it came back to the lovely co. recently when we were scouring magazines for design inspiration for our new home. It struck us that this wallpaper comeback that emerged a few years ago is still going strong. There are some stunning designs around and we are contemplating convincing Mr Lovely that it would be a great idea to have a feature wall of wallpaper in the study.

In our opinion, the grand dame of wallpaper design in Australia (and perhaps even globally) is Florence Broadhurst, who was born in rural Queensland in 1899 and died in 1977, when she was tragically murdered in her Sydney apartment (the case has never been solved). She is reported to have designed more than 800 beautiful wallpapers, around 500 of which are now held by Sydney-based company Signature Prints ( Her designs, which focussed on bold colour, geometric prints and nature are as relevant and popular today as they were 40 years ago.

At up to $350 per metre, we’re not sure we could afford to deck out a room in a Florence Broadhurst wallpaper, but we will certainly be using her beautiful designs as inspiration. Take a look below at some lovely Florence Broadhurst papers and let us know which one you think would work in your home. It’s so hard to pick, because they are all gorgeous!

By the way, one of our lovely readers (thanks Osa) commented on yesterday’s post that she had seen a divine Grace Kelly Fashion Exhibition in London last year. We thought we would let you all know that the exhibition is coming to Australia next year. It will be showing at the Bendigo Art Gallery from March to June 2012.

Until tomorrow, stay warm and have a lovely day. x.


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