Bloomin’ lovely

Flowers are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world. Ralph Waldo Emerson

As you’ve probably already guessed from reading our previous posts, the lovely co. loves flowers. It’s amazing how good it feels to receive a bunch of flowers from a loved one. Even buying them for yourself is an instant pick-me-up. There’s something about having fresh flowers in the house that just puts a smile on our face. Don’t get us wrong, plants are nice too, but maybe it’s the fleeting lifespan of fresh cut flowers that make them all the more precious.

Have you, like us, noticed how expensive pretty flowers are to buy these days? It makes us want to grow all our favourites in our own garden so we can enjoy them for free!

We do have somewhat of a solution for you though…have you ever visited your local wholesale flower market? We recently went along to the Sydney Flower Market at Flemington. The market is Australia’s largest supplier to florists and luckily, is also open to the general public. We were astounded at the variety and value for money. With more than 170 flower stalls, you can find all sorts of gorgeous flowers priced so much lower than you would pay in store. the lovely co. got five big bunches for under $50. The house looked and smelled just lovely that week.

Be warned though, for the best choice arrive early – by at least 8am.

We’d love to know what you favourite bloom is? Asking us to pick our favourite flower is almost as hard as asking us to pick our favourite romantic comedy (that is, very difficult indeed)…but still, we will give it a try.

Our top five would be:

  1. Freesias
  2. Sweet Peas
  3. Ranunculus
  4. Dahlias
  5. Hydrangeas

Here are some pics!

Have a lovely day. x


3 thoughts on “Bloomin’ lovely

  1. So true Mrs Lovely! I had really set ideas about what sort of flowers I wanted for my wedding and wanted to arrange them all myself. So I went for a visit to the Sydney Flower Market and ended up buying alll the flowers for the entire day (including bouquets, ceremony decorations, table settings – the lot) for $120. And it’s such a fun experience!

  2. Hmmmm it would have to be a tie between the freesia and the sweet pea for me although I must admit I am partial to any!!!! xx Keep the lovely posts coming Mrs Lovely!

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