Say no to the boring black brolly!

the lovely co. is feeling more than a little waterlogged this week, in fact we think we may be sprouting gills. Eeek! Rain, rain go away…

We’ll admit, in the past we’ve lost our fair share of umbrellas, usually the boring black type that turns inside out with the slightest whiff of a breeze. But no more our lovelies. We’re saying goodbye to the boring black brolly. We’ve decided that if we have to traipse about in this wet weather then we are going to do it in style.

We’ve scoured the countryside for the most chic umbrellas around and here are our top five. You’ll be waiting for a rainy day so you can use these hot little numbers.

Gina and May ‘Tospy’ long umbrella $64.95 – This umbrella will really give you a gorgeous pop of colour. You’ll be coordinating your outfit to match!

Brolly Dollys ‘Galleria Antique Rose’ stick umbrella $55.00 – This cute floral pattern is perfect for girly girls. You’ll certainly stand out from the crowd with this one.

Stellabrella ‘Van Gogh Sunflowers’ umbrella $49.95 – Put a little bit of sunshine back into your rainy day with this arty yellow brolly.

Gina and May ‘Ms Starlet’ long umbrella $64.95 – You’ll be stopping traffic with this geometric patterned umbrella. Very striking indeed.

Clifton Australia ‘Dots’ umbrella – You’ll go dotty over this funky umbrella. Call Cliftons Australia on 1800 036 161 for price and stockist details.

Have a lovely day and stay dry. x.


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