To the Hamptons we shall go…

We’ve always had a bit of a thing for The Hamptons (despite never having been there). To be more specific, it’s the home interiors we love. We first heard about the picturesque villages on the far east end of Long Island via the silver screen. It always seemed to be the holiday spot of choice for the characters of any movie or TV show set in New York. Such understated glamour and easy sophistication – we want a piece of it.

Does anyone remember that movie ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson? the lovely co. can’t really recall the storyline, but we certainly remember Diane Keaton’s character’s amazing Hamptons home where much of the of the film was set. Simply stunning.We’ve included a picture below for your viewing pleasure!

So what is Hamptons Style? It’s a light and breezy colour palette, a mix of old and new pieces, it’s modern but classic at the same time. We’d love to bring some this style into our new home. Well lovelies, we think pictures speak a thousand words so we will let these beautiful homes speak for themselves.

Let us know what you think? Do you think the Hamptons style would work in your home?

Have a lovely day. x.

Beach house from Something's Gotta Give


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