Stylish filing…yes, there is such a thing.

Apologies for the lateness of today’s post lovelies (Doggy medical drama. All sorted out now).

the lovely co. sat down today to do some long overdue paperwork…not exactly our idea of a nice afternoon, bit like pulling teeth actually… but these things don’t do themselves do they?

Anyway, it got us thinking about ways to be more organised when it comes to these sorts of household admin tasks. Like most people, our ‘system’ involves a couple of ratty-looking expand-a-files. One wrong move and the whole thing bursts open and starts an avalanche of insurance policies, bank statements and old electricity bills.

There has to be a more practical and stylish solution, right? A couple of weeks ago, Mr Lovely passed by kikki K. and picked us up a brochure about their organisational workshops – what a fabulous idea! We are a big fan of the Swedish style stationery and home organisation store. So many pretty (and useful!) things on offer.

According to kikki.K “we see being organised as being more than just ‘finding things quickly’ or ‘getting more done’. We believe it’s about improving the quality of our lives by saving time, freeing up energy for things that matter most, stimulating creativity and helping us feel good inside.”

What a great philosophy on organisation. We have vowed to adopt this! It’s also an excuse for us to pop along to our closest kikki.K to attend a workshop and to pick up a few stylish items so we can kick those ugly expand-a-files to the curb.

First on our list is the My Receipts folder file ($29.95). We feel more organised already!

Have a lovely night. x.

kikki.K My Receipts Folder




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