What’s cookin’ good lookin’?

Writing a blog post (about lovely things) in the sunshine has got to be good for you. It certainly feels that way. the lovely co. can feel our batteries recharging as we sit here and write. If we close our eyes for a minute and soak it all up it almost feels…spring-like! Hooray! Anyway, as excited as we are, we don’t want to devote this whole post to the weather.

What we actually wanted to talk about was expanding our recipe repertoire. Do you ever feel like you cook the same 8-10 dinners all the time? How long has it been since you tried a new recipe? the lovely co. does try to be creative in the kitchen but sometimes it just seems faster and easier to fall back on those tried and tested favourites. This got us thinking about trying some cooking classes to learn new recipes. Why not just use a cook book? Well yes, we’ve got a thousand of those but we thought classes would bring a nice social aspect to the learning process.

When we started looking we were surprised to find that there are literally thousands of culinary classes happening all over the country at any one time. Thai, Italian, Japanese, French – you name it, you can find it! Who needs Masterchef (we don’t mean that, we love Masterchef)?

What interested us most was that some of our favourite restaurants ran cooking classes. Ooh, could this mean that they give away the secret recipes to much-loved dishes? We’re intrigued…take a look at the links below. If you’re not based in Sydney please do send us some examples from your home town.

Signorelli Gastronomia, Italian, Pyrmont

Sydney Seafood School, Seafood, Pyrmont

Longrain, Thai, Surry Hills

Planet Cake, Desserts, Balmain

Fratelli Fresh, Italian, Waterloo, Potts Point, Walsh Bay

We are off to practice what we preach now and will be making a ham, corn and cheese pasta pie for dinner – never made it before but it looks yummy. If it turns out well we will post the recipe tomorrow.

Have a lovely day. x.


One thought on “What’s cookin’ good lookin’?

  1. Sounds good Mrs Lovely… Longrain or the cake place in Balmain please. I’m happy to keep being the guinea pig because the results from the lovely co test kitchen are usually so good.

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