“Alright Mr De Mille, I’m ready for my close up.”

Happy Friday lovelies! We hope you all have something super planned for the weekend. For those of you putting on your glad rags and hitting the town, we thought you might be interested in checking out these beauty blogs and websites we love.

Now we’re not saying you don’t know how to apply your own make-up – we’re sure you’re doing a bang-up job – but we have certainly learned some new tricks from these websites and we thought it was only fitting for us to share with you all. Let’s share the beauty love!

First up is Primped, an Australian website and blog that pitches itself as the ‘Go-to for the how-to in beauty’. It really is a treasure trove of all things hair, make-up, skincare and celebrity looks. We particularly love the step-by-step how-to video guides – we’re attempting all sorts of things that we once thought were too difficult. We’re also a big fan of Zoe Foster, the Editor-at-Large of this website. We really want to buy her new book Amazing Face as well. We hear it’s, well, amazing. If it can tell us how to knock 5-10 years off we’d be pretty happy. Have any of you already got a copy?

The other website we just love is Benefit Cosmetics. We’re long-term Benny Babes, as we’re sure many of you are too. Yes, OK, we probably have been sucked in by their packaging and product names on more than one occasion, but they are just so darned pretty. Anyway, the website features a ‘Beauty School’ section with easy to follow instructions on how to get the most out of your Benefit products. When we’ve finished this post we are jumping back on there to brush up on how to get the most out of our fave products such as ‘Big Beautiful Brows’ and ‘Posie Tint’.

The last tip we wanted to give you today was to visit the MAC Cosmetics website, in particular the ‘Artists in Action’ videos. We know they are professionals and everything… but we’re still really jealous. They make applying eyeshadow look like a total breeze. Maybe if we just keep watching those videos over and over, we’ll get good at it too.

Have a lovely weekend and we’ll be back on Monday. x.

Sunset Boulevarde - "Alright Mr De Mille, I'm ready for my close up". Not sure about Norma's lippy...?



2 thoughts on ““Alright Mr De Mille, I’m ready for my close up.”

    • Well, it was quite tasty (it was cheesy pasta so that’s pretty much a given)…but after tasting it I just didn’t think it was nice enough to recommend. Only the best for the lovely co. readers!

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