A stitch in time…

Are any of you lovelies clever enough to sew? the lovely co. has always been a little envious of those talented, creative people who can whip up a funky cushion cover or a custom outfit in a jiffy. Totally unique and probably a lot cheaper too! Clever little vegemites.

We were very lucky to receive a sewing machine for our birthday this year from Mr Lovely’s Grandma, who is so good at sewing she used to work at the Bonds factory back in the day. Thankfully the sewing machine came with unlimited lessons from Grandma. This can only be a good thing since we have not used one since Textiles class in Year 8, which is longer ago than we care to remember.

Anyway, this has got us thinking about all the lovely things we are going to be able to make..once we know how to use it, that is. While it may seem a little simple, the first thing we are going to make are some cushions for the couch or the spare room  – or both! We’ve spent many hours perusing online fabric stores and have found so many beautiful prints. Our favourite stores so far are Kelani Fabrics (based in Queensland), Calico & Ivy (Western Australia) and Funky Fabrix (also in Queensland). Best of all, all three deliver Australia-wide.

Have you thought about jumping on the homemade wagon? If you don’t have anyone to teach you, just about every community college has evening classes in sewing and many sewing stores such as Spotlight, Lincraft and others also offer lessons.

Take a look below at some of the gorgeous fabrics we’ve found. Hmmm…which one to choose.

Have a lovely day. x.

Amy Butler @ Calico & Ivy 'ab64azure'

Jessica Jones @ Funky Fabrix 'Pink Zinnia

Tara Davy @ Kelani Fabric 'Partridge Chai Latte'



One thought on “A stitch in time…

  1. We like No Chintz. I bought some Blue Ikat cloth, and made a tablecloth for Ariane’s birthday, and am making a string of little flags for baby B.B out of cowboy fabrics. You have to be in the right mood to sew, just like any form of art.

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