In the mood for decorating…

Just a short post today lovelies as we have been busy ‘creating’, as you will see when you read on.

the lovely co. is in the process of planning our first room makeover at the new house. Mr Lovely has agreed that it would be best to start in the study, given it’s a small, tucked-away room and we’re largely novices when it comes to home DIY.

We really wanted to show you the mood board we have started creating for our decorating project. We still haven’t found quite the right window furnishing so will have to add that in when we find it, along with some other finishing touches.

How do you go about redecorating? Have you created a mood board? Or is your vision and inspiration all in your head?

Let us know what you think about our mood board.

Hope you have a lovely day. x.

the lovely co. home office mood board


One thought on “In the mood for decorating…

  1. Wow! Gorgeous choices. The mood board is a very good idea and adds a level of organisation to DIY I would not have thought to do. I will in future.

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