Work that booty!

Are you one of those smart (and probably skinny) people who has kept up their exercise routine during winter? Aargh, the lovely co. is just a little bit jealous of you. We made the big mistake of slacking off when the temperatures dropped and the days got shorter. Silly us! It was just so tempting to stay in bed a bit longer of a morning and snuggle up in front of the heater of an evening.

But no more lovelies…we’re back baby! Back pounding the pavement, doing ridiculous looking squats in the park and limbering up at pilates. It feels good to be moving again and we hope we’re going to be able to whip ourselves into shape in time for bikini season. Eeek!

What we really need help with is our workout attire. These tatty trackies and sloppy t-shirts really need to be given the heave-ho. Are you like us, do you hang on to your exercise gear for far too long?

Well we’ve decided that if we look good, we might just be inclined to work that bit harder. We wanted to show you some of the lovely gym gear we’ve found. Let us know what you think and if you’ve got any tips for getting in shape for summer.

Have a lovely day. x.

Lululemon tank and shorts

Nike singlet top

Nike 3/4 pants

Running Bare Boyfriend Tank

Running Bare t-shirt


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