Everything’s coming up roses…and daffodils…and freesias.

Our neighbours have freesias growing wildly throughout their front lawn, wild and carefree. The kind of freesias that cost $20 a bunch from the florist. They weren’t there a week ago, but they seem to have just sprung up out of nowhere. We can smell their delicious scent as we walk by. As we’ve mentioned before, Freesias are our favourite flower. Sigh.

Would it be wrong to sneak out when it gets dark tonight and just…well… take a few? We promise we would give them a good home in a pretty vase on our dining table. No, readers you are right. We can’t do that. Tempting, but no.

the lovely co. has decided to take this as inspiration to fix up our own garden. This could be interesting since until recently, we and Mr Lovely have always been apartment dwellers, more often than not with no balcony for plants. So this whole gardening thing is new to us. There’s also the small matter of little Josie, our puppy who already seems to have her green thumb (or paw?). She’s really perfected her digging skills of late.

Anyway, we think we might start off with something simple – some big colourful pots on the deck in which we can plant the precious freesias, and perhaps some sweet peas as well. Note to self: pots need to be much taller than the puppy to avoid unwanted digging.

Lovely Daffodils from Mum

In the meantime, we will be enjoying the lovely daffodils our mum bought us on the weekend. They make the house feel bright and sunny.

Do you have any gardening tips for us? What could we plant now that would produce some pretty, colourful flowers come spring?

Have a lovely day. x.


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