Goodbye Fake Yellow Banana!

Following on from our previous post, In the mood for decorating, today is painting day! Our study is getting a colour overhaul.

The walls are currently what we like to call ‘Fake Banana Yellow’. Remember those banana lollies we used to get as kids… Well, it’s that colour. The replacement colour is the very chic Dulux ‘Ghosting’ in quarter strength.

the lovely co. thinks it’s going to be the perfect neutral base and will compliment other bright pops of colour very well.

Mr Lovely took the day off work and has spent most of the day perched on a ladder with a brush in hand. Us? Well we were responsible for some excellent roller work this afternoon.

This is a work in progress over the next few days and on Monday we hope to be able to post pictures showing you how the room is coming together.
We have possibly been watching a little too much of The Block (purely for research purposes of course) and we need to remind ourselves that there’s no room reveal on Sunday night so no need to rush.
We are off tomorrow or Sunday on a mission to find a new (old) desk as well as some new curtains. We are thinking of burning what was up there previously…. It was so ‘unlovely’.
We’ll leave it here today lovelies and will look forward to updating you on Monday.
Have a lovely weekend. X.


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