That takes the cake!

What’s not to love about cupcakes? Nothing at all as far as we’re concerned. Whether homemade or bought, a perfectly-formed cake for one has real mouth-watering appeal.

the lovely co. has made our fair share of cupcakes over the years – most recently for our lovely sister’s birthday last week (vanilla cake with vanilla butter icing and Smartie on top of each). They were very cute and certainly brought a smile to her face.

But sometimes we’re just not up for baking (shock! horror!) so today we wanted to tell you about our favourite cupcake spots if you fancy popping out for one…or more.

  1. My Little Cupcake (Neutral Bay) – Well, this really is our all-time favourite cupcake shop in Sydney. As far as we know, it was the first of its kind in Sydney (but we’ll stand corrected if you know of another). The cakes are fluffy and moist, the icing just a little bit buttery, and the fact that they are just so pretty is well… the icing on the cake really. Sorry, bad pun intended. They also do seasonal and special occasion cupcakes. We think the Christmas cupcakes are particularly delightful.
  2. Sparkle Cupcakery (Surry Hills) – Oooh la la…so chic! A little bit Sydney, a little bit New York we think…regardless, the cakes are delicious and very stylish. Sparkle also has a lovely cafe where you can enjoy a cuppa with your cupcake. A great place for a girly afternoon tea catch up. They also do workshops for hen’s days and other occasions.
  3. Cupcakes on Pitt (Sydney CBD, Parramatta and Chatswood) – Another of the early cupcake adopters, Cupcakes on Pitt has expanded from its original CBD store and can now be found in Parramatta and Chatswood as well. This is the perfect place if you are looking for a very decadent cupcake. They have loads of varieties but our favourite would have to be orange jaffa, mostly because it has crushed Jaffas on top and we just don’t think they get the recognition they deserve.
  4. Buttercream Bakery (online) – The last place we wanted to tell you about is Buttercream Bakery, an online cupcake store. We must admit lovelies, we have not tried these cupcakes (we normally like to have tried everything we recommend to you). However, we heard about the bakery and really loved their baking ethos, “made with love, laughter and friendship in mind.” Please let us know if you give them a try.

Have a lovely day. x

Sparkle Cupcakery - The Sparkle Store

The Orange Jaffa cupcake from Cupcakes on Pitt


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