We’ve nailed it!

Why hello there lovelies. We hope you are all well on this rainy Wednesday afternoon. Goodness it’s been such a busy week so far.

While we’ve been thoroughly enjoying all this decorating, manual labour is a little bit exhausting! Today we have spakfilla-ed (a wall, not our face), sanded and touched up a few areas of painting. What we really need to touch up are our nails…they are looking decidedly worse for wear after the last few days.

We’re thinking perhaps a manicure is in order tomorrow…aaah buff, polish, hand massage. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Do you have a favourite nail colour? We tend to go for pale pinks, mostly because it hides chips well, but there are some fabulous bright shades out there right now and we think we’re ready to become a colour convert. The names are almost as fun as the colours. Which would you choose?

Here are a few ideas… go on, have some fun with them.

Have a lovely night. x.

Essie - Wife goes on

Essie - Meet me at Sunset

OPI - Done out in Deco

Christina Fitzgerald - Kathryn Fruit Cup


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