Get cuffed!

Lovelies, it looks like cuffs are going to be ‘the’ accessory this summer. Everywhere we look, it’s all about cuffs, cuffs and more cuffs. Gold, tribal, kitsch, minimalist – you name it, we bet you’ll be able to find it.

We’re loving the look of them and are ready and raring to jump on this bandwagon. We are wondering though how we’re going to keep them on our skinny chicken wrists (First World problem, we know). A cuff gives just the right amount of adornment. It says ‘effortless chic’ as opposed to the noisy jingle jangle ‘look at me’ of multiple bangles.

So, we thought we would share five of the best with you. Some are a little pricey (go ahead, who are we to judge), while others are so delightfully cheap that you coul buy them in all your favourite colours.

  1. Oroton – Laillet Cuff $145
  2. Sugared Accessories – Etta cuff $89
  3. Witchery – Wood/Stone cuff $59.95
  4. Rachel Ruddick – Chartreuse Stingray cuff $165
  5. Forever New – Flower Bead Hinged cuff $24.99

Have a lovely night. x.


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