Who is Bill Jones?

Afternoon lovelies! As our regular readers will know the lovely co. is in the process of redecorating our study. We’ve already repainted, hung new curtains and are half way through restoring a vintage desk. As our father-in-law would say, “These things take time.” Indeed they do!

This afternoon we collected our artwork from the framer….boy do they look good (have included pics below, but they don’t really do them justice). We chose three original vintage poster prints from Junktique Emporium in Glebe. They date back to 1927-28 and are part of a large series of workplace motivational posters by salesman Bill Jones. The bright yellows, oranges and blues are going to give our room real character and colour. Plus, the content seemed quite appropriate for a home office. We hope they motivate us to get our paperwork done!

We can’t find out too much about Bill Jones except to say the posters were designed and printed in England for the American market. Between Word Wars 1 and 2, workers had choices and employers completed for labour. Companies had to think of ways to motivate their workers to stop them from walking out the door.

We know art is in the eye of the beholder, but we hope you like our choices as much as we do.

Have a lovely night. x.




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