Eat your heart out Rapunzel.

Have you decided on your summer hairstyle? the lovely co. definitely has a ‘summer’ hair look and a ‘winter’ hair look. Admittedly, we do tend to get a little bored with our hair quite easily. We’ve done it all – long, short, curly, straight, blonde, red, brunette…more than once.

Coming out of winter we are currently growing out a fringe. We did really like it, but with our thick, naturally frizzy mop we’d be heading for a hair disaster in Sydney’s humid summer weather. It’s currently at an awkward side-sweeping stage (and does not always do what the blow dryer tells it to) but by the time beach weather hits we think we will have it sorted out. Fingers crossed.

We’re seeing our lovely hairdresser at Diamond Hair Design next week and will be going for some nice creamy blonde foils and a few light brown ones as well. Aaaah, a cut and colour always gives us a new lease on life.

We’re also admiring a few celebrity hairdos at the moment (see below). Sidebar – Is it just us or does their hair seem to grow at breakneck speed? They can’t all be wearing extensions, can they?

Have a lovely night. x.


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