Grandma Dot’s sewing school

Hello there lovelies! Hope you are loving the sunshine today. We are wearing thongs! Our toes are a little cold, but we will persevere.

Well, today is the day we finally learn how to use a sewing machine properly. It’s only taken us 3o years or so. To be fair, women of our generation have had little emphasis placed on learning how to sew. We know there are some poor loves out there who can’t even sew a button on (thankfully we are not quite that bad).

You’ll remember back in our post A stitch in time we mentioned that Mr Lovely’s Grandma Dot had given us a sewing machine for our birthday. She’s come over to the lovely co. headquarters today to provide a much needed lesson. We’ve actually got a real project to work on – shortening the curtains we’ve hung in the study. Another step towards finishing the room.

We’re sure Grandma is going to be an excellent teacher. We have visions of ourselves whipping up Betty Draper-esque

Oooh pretty...vintag McCalls dress pattern from the 50s.

inspired dresses for summer. Kidding ourselves? OK, yes, maybe we are but a girl’s gotta dream.

Can any of you sew or have you thought about giving it a go? We’ll let you know how we get on.

Try to get outside to enjoy the sunshine today. Have a lovely day. x.


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