Burn baby, burn.

Candles get a bit of a dud wrap sometimes, we think. Seen as a bit of a daggy gift you give someone when you don’t know what else to give them. We really couldn’t disagree more. We love, love, love the scent of a beautiful, good quailty candle burning. It can give such a lovely atmosphere and ambience to the house.

Now lovelies, we’re not talking about your $5 Reject Shop variety, but gorgeous luxurious candles that burn long and cleanly.

We wanted to share our top five with you today. Some of these are really affordable and you could easily have a couple stowed away in the cupboard to bring out depending on your mood. Others, well they are a little more pricey and so we’ll save these for a special occasion.

  1. Jo Malone – English Pear and Freesia Home candle $105
  2. Ecoya – Sweet Pea and Jasmine candle $39.95
  3. Gascoigne & King – Love Vanilla candle $55
  4. Glasshouse Fragrances – Montego Bay candle $36.95
  5. Voluspa – Laguna candle $59.95

Have a lovely day and enjoy the candles. x.


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