Puppy love

Do any of you lovelies have pets? Personally, we’re dog people… but this doesn’t mean we don’t like cats. They’re plenty cute too. We just like dogs better.

As we have mentioned before, we are the very proud owners of a gorgeous furbaby called Josie, a five month old Maltese-Shih Tzu puppy. As anyone who has had to train a dog will tell you, they are hard work. But what you give in time and training you get back ten-fold in puppy love and loyalty. Josie ‘gives good cuddle’.

Why are we writing about our dog today? Well tomorrow morning Josie is off to the vet for a little operation…yes, she’s getting desexed. We feel bad as she obviously has no idea what’s coming and it hardly sounds pleasant, does it? But it needs to be done and we will just have to give her lots of TLC afterwards.

We recently made a donation to the RSPCA and would encourage any of you animal lovers to do the same. The RSPCA receives 97% of its funding through community donations and so relies very heavily on kind-hearted people like you lovelies giving them some of your hard earned cash.

Have a lovely night and we will talk to you tomorrow. x.


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