Aaaah, the sweet scent of fake tan

Mr Lovely will be none too pleased to hear that we are breaking out the fake tanner tonight. What is it with men and their total aversion to the smell of tanning creams? It’s not THAT bad.

With the warm weather expected this weekend we simply must get a little bit of colour going on our pasty limbs. Don’t get us wrong, if we had nice creamy, white skin then we would be pretty happy to leave it as it is. However, ours is more on the blotchy, freckled side so it benefits from some colour. We picked up some new Dove Summer Glow today…it’s our fail-safe and pretty hard to mess up.

What do you use? We’d love to get a spray tan (never had one), but you see so many girls who look like pumpkins. We’re a little scared. Recommendations welcome!

We’re also happy to report that we engaged in a little retail therapy yesterday. Picked up a gorgeous summer dress in a v.cute snakeskin pattern (from Sussan), a red woven belt (also Sussan) and some funky, yet strangely comfy platform wedge espadrilles (RMK).

We’ve done the obligatory at home try on with accessories and think it all works well together. Now just for a hot day!

What’s you pre-summer prep routine?

Have a lovely day. x.


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