La bene vita!

La bene vita! The good life! We’ve always thought that the Italians really know how to live life well. During our travels there we loved the chaos,  the delicious food, the beautiful wine, the moreish gelato and the overall zest for life.

Things we maybe weren’t so keen on in Italy? The overly-amorous men and their attempts to chat up every female tourist. Crossing the road also proved highly difficult. At pedestrian crossings we just had to close our eyes, take a deep breath and step onto the road, hoping the motorists would swerve. Minor issues far outweighed by all the positives!

Anyway, back on topic…We were really excited to hear about the Italian Film Festival currently making its way around much of the country. This is the festival’s 12th year and it looks better than ever. The films are currently playing in Sydney before moving to to Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

What a fabulous excuse to organise a lunch or dinner for a big group of friends at an Italian restaurant followed by one of the festival’s many flicks. Movies are shown from 1pm to 9pm throughout the week.

Hanno una bella giornata. x.


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