Swimsuit shopping….Aarrgggh!

Show us a woman who actually enjoys swimsuit shopping and we’ll show you…well, a crazy lady. It’s got to be the most loathed retail activity for women the world over. Right? We’re breaking out in a cold sweat just thinking about it. While we’re at it, why haven’t the stores cottoned on to the fact that better, more flattering lighting = more sales. Come on peeps, work with us.

Anyway, thankfully we don’t have to look too far for the silver lining as there are some really pretty cossies out this season that will make shopping for them a bit more tolerable. We’ve decided to ‘splash out’ (boom boom) on a good quality swimsuit this year. Something that gives us a nice shape, with a bit of support too. Time to ditch the triangle bikini.

We’ve picked out a few that we like. What do you think? Hope this gives you some inspiration if you’re shopping for a new swimsuit this year.

Have a lovely day.X.

Jets By Jessika Allen Lighthouse One Piece

Nancy Ganz Goddess One Piece

Seafolly Shangri-La Booster Bra

Zimmerman Idyllic Underwire one piece

Zimmerman Rhapsody Twist Neck Bikini


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