Amazed by ‘Amazing Face’

Well hello there lovely people. This week we have been loving reading Zoe Foster’s Amazing Face. Let’s just say it’s been quite the revelation. We liked to think that we were reasonably clued-up about make-up, skincare and what tips and tricks we needed to employ of a morning to make ourselves look decent. But no… we’ve been flabbergasted by how much we don’t know.

Zoe Foster is the former Cosmo and Harper’s Bazaar beauty director, so we trust that she really knows what she’s talking about. Amazing Face is full to the brim with fabulous tips to get you looking super gorgeous, super quick. She covers all the bases including make-up, skincare, body, hair, nails, colour and more. It’s our new go-to book, especially in the lead up to summer.

Here’s a few of our favourites that we’ve come across so far. Give ’em a try.

  • Once we hit 30 we should really use a cream cleanser, not a foaming one which is too harsh for our aging (eek!) skin.
  • Your cheeks aren’t clogged so don’t attack them with your exfoliant. Save it for your t-zone and chin, and finish with a very light brush over your cheeks.
  • Apply concealer after foundation. Foundation is the underwear to your concealer’s clothes!
  • If your nails, cuticles or fingers are stained from fake tan, take to them with whitening toothpaste and old toothbrush to remove the colour.
  • Mineral make-up will only accentuate flaws.
  • When doing a smokey eye, apply your eye make-up first, then your foundation (it’s easier to clean up any eye make-up that falls below the eye, rather than reapplying your foundation).

Have  lovely day. x.



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