Floral fashionista

Well hello there lovelies! We think we may have a new fashion and interiors obsession – floral. No doubt this will come as a great relief to Mr Lovely as we have been going through a major stripes phase this year and we don’t think he could cope if we came home with another stripey top. Anyway, back to floral…it has such a nice girly, springtime feel to it, don’t you think? Makes us feel happy.

Be under no illusions though lovelies, floral can be funky and glam. Just take a look at some of these gorgeous finds. Let us know what you think.

  1. Blubellgray Modernity Linen Cushion, $129, from Tiny Bird. This beautful abstract-ish floral cushion will brighten up a neutral room.
  2. Daria Box Bag, $49.99, from Forever New. There’s something very vintage about this cute bag!
  3. CUE floral dress, exclusive to Westfield, $235. We think this neckline must be flattering on just about everyone. So lovely.
  4. Review Cherish Cardie, $149.95. What a sweet cover-up for spring.

Have a lovely night and give floral a try…we think you’ll love it. x.


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