Planet Cake….Outta this world.

We’re currently holed up inside with the air con on high…it’s a hot outside today lovelies! Are you keeping cool? We had a nice visit from Mum and our gorgeous little nieces earlier today, have done a few chores around the house and are now sitting down with a cool drink to write this post.

Foxtel is on in the background and we have just seen an ad for the new series Planet Cake which is starting on Foxtel’s Lifestyle FOOD next Wednesday. Oooh, exciting! What talented, clever people these cake makers are! We have just been perusing the Planet Cake website and were astounded at some of the cake designs they have come up with. They are almost to pretty to cut up.

If you’re interested, they have a store and (most excitingly for us) a cake decorating school in Balmain.

Here are a few of our favourites.

Have a lovely night. x.


Macaron Box

Tiffany Box

Hermes Birkin bag


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