Taking it to the max

Hello there lovelies. How are we all this afternoon? Today we bought our first maxi-skirt in about 15 years. We last wore one as a university work experience kid at a marketing firm. That particular item was charcoal, had a straight skirt with a slit up the back and was made of some horrible scractchy material. We thought we looked professional. In hindsight it probably looked horrendous.

Portmans solid dye maxi skirt $79.95

Anyway, the skirt we purchased from Portmans today couldn’t be further from our first attempt.

It’s electric blue, sits on the high-ish side of our waist, and is long and floaty. Here’s a pic so you can see what we are talking about.

We’ll be teaming it with a simple white tank (try Supre – decent quality and cheap as chips so you can get a new one every summer) and natural wooden beads. We also bought these cute colourful, patent sandals from Dotti today which we think will go well.

Dotti patent sandal $19.95

So, if you haven’t yet embraced the maxi-skirt, snap to it lovelies. It’s super flattering and perfect for those days when you run out of time to shave your legs!

One little word of warning though – while this full skirted maxi looks fab on those of us with a little height (think anything above 5’6″), approach with caution if you are on the shorter side. Maybe try a straighter style maxi skirt in a nice jersey material. Won’t swamp you.

Have a lovely night. x.




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