A letterbox surprise!

Like most of you lovelies, we really only receive bills and bank statements in the mail these days – boring and expensive. So, when something special arrives…oooh, say, a wedding invitation from friends…we get super excited.

One such invitation landed in our letterbox this afternoon. So much fun reading all the little bits and pieces that came with it. We wanted to jump onto the gift registry immediately.

Anyway, our friends were clever to enough to make their own very pretty wedding invites, but what if you’re not so creatively minded? You know we are massive stationery geeks (see our previous post All wrapped up in pretty paper) so we thought it might be nice if we shared with you some of our favourite invitation companies, not just for weddings but other celebrations too.

  1. Poppies for Grace– Such a delightful website. You’ll love not only their extra spesh invites, but also a range of stationery bits and pieces. Here’s an invite of theirs that we love.

    Poppies for Grace 'Honey' invite

  2. Hello Lucky– This American website has some really gorgeous invites and cards, unlike anything we have seen in Australia. They also deliver to Australia – bonus!

    Hello Lucky 'Architecture' letterpress invite

  3. Alannah Rose– A great mixture of styles on this website. We particularly like their baby shower invites…the perfect mix of cute and funky for our taste.

    Alannah Rose 'Lala Bird" baby shower invite

    Have a lovely night. x.


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