Spice up your kitchen attire…

We never used to wear an apron when we cooked. Not really sure why, given the amount of cooking we do. Food would splatter and we were often found cursing in the laundry about having to soak this top or that skirt. Then some friends gave us and Mr Lovely personalised aprons as a wedding gift about 18 months ago…

Since receiving them we don’t think a day has gone by without us donning it. No more having to worry about drips and splashes, the apron’s got it covered (so to speak).

As a sidebar, we must say that Mr Lovely’s is looking rather a lot cleaner than ours, which we think says more about the frequency of his cooking and less about our kitchen messiness.

Anyway, we’ve been scouting around online and there are loads of funky, cute, retro, vintage…you name it…style aprons out there for sale. We thought we would share a few that we particularly liked. Links are included should you want to purchase.

  1. Crumbz – Country Wedding Bliss Apron $39.95. So sweet and a little bit flirty.
  2. The Apron Shoppe – Gigli Summer Lemons Apron $USD49.95 – This is a US website and we can’t work out if they ship to Australia or not….but boy-oh-boy they have some gorgeous aprons.
  3. Nicola Cerini – Dragonfly Apron $34.95. For those of you interested in a more contemporary fabric and style.

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday. x.

p.s We have just made a batch of Peanut Butter Cookies. Missed our post about them a couple of weeks back? Nevermind, here’s the recipe. Delish!


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