Adventures in a backyard wonderland…well, sort of.

Hi there lovelies! We hope you had a relaxing weekend? We spent yesterday afternoon out in the back garden and deck, trying to make some improvements to our outdoor living space, which we admit was looking fairly uninspiring.

We recently bought a new outdoor setting which included a lounge, two arm chairs and a coffee table. It has lovely striped blue cushions and a timber frame. Despite this, the area was still looking a bit drab and lifeless. So, off we went to the nursery with Mr Lovely on Saturday afternoon. It was pretty obvious we were total gardening novices. We even had to place a call to our garden-loving Mother-in-Law for some advice at one point.

Somehow, after much browsing (and head scratching) we managed to come away with two Dwarf Magnolia Trees, Red Knight Bushes and some Lavender. We also bought a selection of ceramic pots, large and small, some in cream and others duck egg blue.

Cut to Sunday afternoon and our green thumbed in-laws popped over to lend a hand and show us how it was done. Here are some pics of our new plants potted up (the first two images). The bottom three images show what our plants should look like when they are a little more established.

Here’s hoping we inherit that green thumb!

Have a lovely day. x.




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