O Christmas tree! O Christmas tree!

Afternoon lovelies! Are you thinking about putting up your Christmas tree soon? In our family 1 December was always tree day, with the philosophy that if you were going to the trouble of bringing the tree up from the garage, decorating and untangling lights…then you may as well have it up for the full month.

We’ve been down the real tree route before. They look gorgeous, but in this warm Aussie climate we can’t deal with the dropped needles and drooping. Ours is a fake tree, but it does look quite real and certainly gets us in the Christmas spirit. This is the first year we have had Josie the dog so fingers crossed we don’t come home from work one day to find the living room covered in baubles and unwrapped presents. We wouldn’t put it past her.

Anyway, we digress. Some people are so clever and stylish with their trees. Let’s face it… there are a lot of decisions to be made – real or fake? Angel or star? Lights or tinsel or both? Traditional style or modern alternative? A Christmas tipple while you’re deciding will ease the pain.

We thought you might enjoy some decorating inspiration and if you’re interested in seeing more lovely festive ideas we recommend you jump onto the Martha Stewart website for a treasure trove of suggestions.

Have a lovely day. x.


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