Five fun websites you must visit

Hello lovelies! How are you? Sorry we have been M.I.A this past week…between work, painting more rooms in our house and battling a summer cold, there’s been little time for blogging. Anyway, enough about us. Today we wanted to tell you about some gorgeous websites we’ve come across recently. We’re always poking around online looking at this, that and the other – fashion, beauty, homewares and more. – Oh for another trip to New York. Alas, that’s not on the cards right now….but at least luxury department store Saks now delivers to Australia for a flat rat of $32. Do a group order with friends and share the shipping cost. The exchange is still looking pretty healthy lovelies! – There’s some really fab and unique furniture and homewares on this site. One of the owners was the original designer of the ‘destination prints’ – those now ubiquitous tram and bus stop signs listing suburbs and stops. – So pretty. So cute. So really worth a look. Lark features lots of DIY home goodies and other gifts. Plus, we have just found out they also now have their own guesthouse in Victoria’s picturesque Daylesford. Ooh, weekend mini-break? – This unique concept which is already up and running in the UK, recently launched in Australia. Basically you pay a small monthly subscription fee and they send you out a range of beauty samples each and every month. So you get to try out new products before you splash all your cash on the full sized versions. Brilliant. – OK, so it’s really just a bit of fun and perhaps you should have a good chat with your hairdresser before embarking on a totally new do…but….you really need to try the Virtual Hairstyler section of this website. Just to see what you look like with long red hair or a short blonde crop. Go on, do it. Laugh out loud funny.

Anyway lovelies, we hope you enjoy visiting these websites as much as we do.

Have a lovely night. x.



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