Go ElfYourself.

Good afternoon lovelies! How are you all? We are pleased to report that our Christmas shopping is 99% done and the presents we have purchased are wrapped and looking suitably festive under the tree.

All that’s left to do now is make our big batch of Christmas shortbread, which we like to give as an extra little gift at this time of year….but we’ll save that for another post.

Still not in the spirit yet? Never fear, we have the cure for you. We have just had a very amusing 20 minutes or so on the ElfYourself website, creating our own Christmas music video. Simply upload photos of yourself and family or friends, choose from one of nine dance themes, then sit back and watch the magic. Here’s a link to the video we created featuring ourselves, Mr Lovely and Josie the dog.

Have a lovely night. X.

p.s. Still so cold (December…really?) so we have a beef and red wine casserole going in the slow cooker. Smells divine.



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