Colour, colour on the wall…who’s the fairest of them all?

Well hello there lovelies. Are you looking for a little colour inspiration on this Wednesday afternoon? Well, look no further.

We’ve just been reading about fashion colour trends for this autumn via the Pantone Colour Report Fall 2012. What is Pantone we hear you ask? Well, firstly it isn’t shampoo. Let’s just clear that up from the get-go. Pantone is actually the global authority on colour, used by all sorts of creative people from graphic designers and printers through to fashion designers and paint companies, to select and match colours.

Each season, after consulting with various fashion big wig types, Pantone sets out its colour forecast, setting the trends for the threads we’ll eventually be wearing.

So before you head out shopping for autumn and winter, take a look at these stunning colours to keep yourself ‘bang on trend’, as Gok would say. So many gorgeous hues we really don’t know how to pick our faves…but, based on our skin tone and current hair colour (dark brown with coppery highlights) we’re thinking that we really love Honey Gold, Rhapsody and Rose Smoke. In fact we pretty much love all of them.

FYI – Tangerine Tango has just been announced Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2012 for both fashion and interiors. Can we feel just a wee bit smug that we used a very similar shade as an accent colour in our study that we decorated last year?

If nothing else, we hope this has brightened up your afternoon…plus, now you can hit the shops with purpose lovelies.

Pantone Colour Report Autumn 2012








Have a lovely day. x.


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