Style on the side…bedside, that is.

Hello lovelies! Happy Friday. It’s the end of a (short) week – hurrah! We’re planning a quiet few days around home this weekend and thought it would be nice to brighten up our space with some fresh flowers.

This morning we popped into our favourite local florist, Engadine Florist.the sisters. and bought a bunch of gorgeous Hyacinths in pale lilac with touches of green on the tips. They’ve not yet opened but will smell delicious in a day or so. The destination for these delicate blooms is our bedside table, where we have just moved a few things around to create a cosy nook, sure to induce sweet dreams. What do you think?

Country Road Louisa Cushion



Hyacinths on Ikea bedside table

Where’s it from lovely?

Flowers from Engadine Florist.the sisters.
Lamp from Domayne
Bedside table from IKEA
Yellow Ribbon ‘Louisa’ Cushion by Country Road
Curtains by Mansours, Warwick Solo fabric (colour: Linen)
Flower plate from NSW Art Gallery gift shop (many moons ago, but they still sell similar items)
Vase from The Reject Shop (a fab place for vases and jars lovely!)

Have a lovely weekend and we will talk to you again on Monday for a special wedding-related post. x.

P.s. Naomi, one of ‘the sisters’,  gave us a great tip about how to make our floral treat last as long as possible. Hyacinths will live longer in a vase if the bulbs are left on the base of the stems. They will even continue to grow, so you might have to transfer to a larger vase.


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