The ultimate winter comfort food

Hello lovelies. How are you all this afternoon? It’s windy, rainy and altogether unpleasant here in Sydney. Even though it may be gloomy outside, we think we’ve found the perfect antidote. We have a delicious beef and red wine casserole bubbling away gently in the slow cooker. It’s been on for nearly three hours and has at least that again to go until the meat is nice and tender.

Do you have a slow cooker? If there’s one thing we can recommend you buy for your home this winter, it’s one of these nifty kitchen devices. You can of course create your own stews from scratch but today we have cheated and used a sachet containing all the herbs, spices and other yummy things we need to create this easy peasy winter dinner. Aside from that, we have added 1kg of chuck steak, a couple of onions, carrots , celery and half a cup of red wine. And that’s our job done until it’s time to cook the mashed potato! So simple.

Have a lovely night and keep warm. x.





2 thoughts on “The ultimate winter comfort food

  1. I looove my slow cooker – it is so nice in winter to finish work and have a nice cozy dinner ready and waiting. Like you said you can also use cheaper cuts of meat cause of the long cooking time.

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