Get cosy with colour…

Hello lovelies! Well, let’s get straight to the point. Colour. Specifically, colour in your home. Yes, we know we regularly bang on about the importance of taking a few risks when it comes to choosing a palette for your space, but there are lots of simple ways you can introduce some new hues to complement neutral investment pieces like your couch or coffee table.

Last week we were getting over a rotten cold and spent far too much time wallowing on the couch, watching The View and dreaming up a change of colour for our living room. With the promise of a churros pitstop at Sugarloaf Patisserie in Kogarah, Mr Lovely unwittingly agreed to accompany us on our homewares quest.

What did we find? A treasure trove of sunny yellow (our favourite – once you get into yellow, it’s hard to stop) and teal blue, the latter of which is going to be a very hot colour for interiors this coming season. Here’s a few snaps of the items we bought to jazz up our beige sofa and warm grey walls.

Owl and tealight holder (both from Domayne)













Trio of birds (from I Like Birds)







Mini yellow alarm clock (from Matt Blatt)




















Vintage Lahco fashion print (from Vintage Venus)












Charcoal check throw (from Laura Ashley)











Retro circus print (from Oz Design)










See lovelies, a few colourful decor pieces can completely change the look of your space. A great way to redecorate on a budget!

Have a lovely night. x


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