Home makeover…grown up glamour.

Good afternoon lovelies! A couple of weeks ago we created a brand new living and dining room space for a very special styling client. The brief was to develop a grown-up, but fun room that was functional and also appealed to the apartment’s art deco architecture. Our client had already purchased a couple of pieces that she was keen to hang onto – a creamy white leather couch, neutral shag rug and a chocolate brown shelving unit.

There were two (small) catches. Firstly, because this was a rental apartment we weren’t able to removed the pale pink and white swirly wallpaper that covered several walls. We had to find a way to complement and detract from it instead. Secondly, our client was on a limited budget of around $1,500, so maximum bang for buck was required.

We embarked on a major shopping expedition (both online and bricks ‘n’ mortar) with our client and hit up a range of retailers including Aura by Tracie Ellis, IKEA, Kas Australia, Vintage Venus, Oz Design, Domayne and more, to put together the perfect look that she can add to over time. Take a look at the before and after shots below. A transformation… and one very happy client!

Need help overhauling your home? Email us at sayhellolovely@gmail.com for a quote.









Have a lovely night. X.


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