How a vignette can transform your home…

Good afternoon lovelies! Lately we’ve found ourselves very into creating vignette’s around our home. ‘What on earth is a vignette?’, we hear you ask. A vignette is just a fancy pants word for a small collection of items that are lovingly arranged to help bring a space to life. Think flowers, trinkets, books, artwork and more. In fact, the more personal and outside-the-box your vignette is, the better it will look. This is an excellent way to experiment with different looks on the cheap, so chop-chop lovelies… have a go!

We’re always on the lookout for little bits and pieces that we can dot around the house, or include in a vignette. You never know where you might find something really beautiful. Take for instance the copper goblets in the first two pictures below. We found these in our local St Vinnies – $8 for the pair. Used as tealight candle holders they cast a gorgeous warm glow in any space. Plus, copper and rose gold tones are going to be big in homewares this season, providing a softer look than silver or yellow gold.

Here are a few snaps of some of our own vintage vignettes.








Have a lovely afternoon. x.


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