New York, I love you. (part one)

Mr Lovely and I have just returned from seven fantastic nights in the Big Apple. What a city. New York does Christmas like nowhere else. The lights, decorations, shop windows, ice skating and just general Christmas awesome-ness. You can’t help but feel happy there.

This wasn’t our first trip to the city that never sleeps so it was great to visit without the need to do all the usual touristy stuff (though if you’re a first timer, do it all, it’s a must). Anyway, for us, this trip was mostly about eating and shopping so today I thought I would share a few of our gastronomic discoveries with you. Thank goodness we were walking ALOT each day, because healthy diet choices were certainly not high on our agenda.

Snowy Fifth Avenue

Snowy Fifth Avenue

Buvette 42 Grove Street in the West Village
I have no idea how food so delicious can come out of a kitchen so small. We ate breakfast there twice and on the second occasion trudged through a foot of snow to get there. This should tell you how good it was. The homemade waffle sandwich with bacon and egg was a revelation. I’d show you a photo but Mr Lovely ate half of it before he managed to get the camera out (and no one wants to see half eaten food). This is a little slice of Gallic Goodness. They also have a restaurant in Paris.

Murray’s Cheese Bar 264 Bleecker Street in the West Village
A restaurant devoted entirely to cheese?! Our arteries said ‘please God, no’, but our tastebuds screamed ‘get in there immediately’. And with that we’d both ordered the house speciality, Mac ‘n’ Cheese. This is comfort food at its best. The wind outside was bitterly cold, the snow storm was imminent, but within minutes of digging into this hot cheesy delight the feeling started to come back into my fingers and toes and I forgot all about what was happening outside. Bliss.

Mmmm...Mac 'n' Cheese at Murray's.

Mmmm…Mac ‘n’ Cheese at Murray’s.

A word on coffee
It’s no secret that we Australians are coffee snobs. First World Problem, I know. On previous trips to the USA I’ve steered clear of coffee altogether. But on this trip we found a couple of delicious coffee spots, both of which make a great skim flat white (if that’s your thing, it is for me). First up is Stumptown Coffee. These guys have a few cafes across the country and the one we visited was at 18 w.29th Street. It was strong and hot, and served with a dash of Hispter. Secondly, we really loved Ruby’s on Mulberry Street in Nolita. This tiny cafe is owned by Australians so they really knew how we liked it. Plus, it’s very close to fabulous Soho shopping.

There were many other foodie delights on our trip, but we’ll leave it there for now. Stay tuned for our New York shopping post next week.

Have a lovely day. x